Why choose this course?

- This option gives you 90 Days, 24 Hour access to my course so you can learn at a time that suits you. Ideal if you're test is coming up soon and you want to be able to learn between lessons and practice. For complete beginners, you may get best value from my 6 month course option.

During a lesson, it can sometimes be hard to take it all in as you try to focus on the actual driving itself. Some of the key elements I use when teaching people to drive is videos, pictures and notes so they have something to look over when they are at home between lessons. 

 I have created this course to assist those learning to drive to better understand all the key skills of driving as well as prepare them for what to expect in the driving test. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1

  • 2

    Car Checks & Controls

    • Bonus - Car Checks & Controls Tips

    • Bonnet Checks

    • Car controls & checks questions

    • Handbrake

    • BONUS: When to Use the Handbrake?

    • Gears

    • Mirrors/Windows Controls

    • Hand Signals

    • Block Changing of Gears

  • 3


  • 4

    General Driving Advice

    • Bonus - Steering Tips

    • Bonus - Stay Alert on the Straight - "Position-Speed-Look"

    • Bonus - Slip Lanes - A few key points to remember

  • 5

    Sligo Test Routes

    • Sligo Route Sample - Chapel St, Cranmore, Cleveragh, Pearse Road

    • Sligo Route Sample - St Brigids Tce, Mercy School, Abbey St, Chapel St

    • Sligo Sample Route - Mail Coach Road, St Brigids Tce, Connolly St

    • Sligo Sample Route: Crozon, Mail Coach Road, Pound Lane

    • Sligo Sample Route : Caltragh to Crozon

    • Sligo Sample Route: Slip Lanes

    • Sligo Sample Routes - Exiting Test Centre. Walk out explainer

    • Sligo Sample Route - Test Centre to Hughes Bridge

    • Sligo Sample Route - Summerhill to Test Centre

  • 6

    Visual Flash Cards

    • Slip Lanes Flash Card BT School of Motoring

    • Gears Flash Card BT School of Motoring

    • Roundabout Flash Card

    • (Sligo Test Route Tip) Crozon Roundabout Flash Card

    • (Sligo Test Route Tip) Caltragh Flyover Flash Card


Driving Instructor

Brendan Tierney

I am an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) for over ten years in Sligo. I believe in teaching people in a calm, fun environment. I also believe in using technology to help pupils advance in their driving career.